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Monachos.net is currently undergoing a major server and structural overhaul (February 2013). Please forgive the inconvenience while some content is unavailable during this time, and not all site features may yet function properly.

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Monachos.net is currently being upgraded to a new content delivery system, which allows more dynamic functionality, security and extensibility. We're hopeful that the end result will be an even more user-friendly and content-rich experience than we've been able to offer over the past 12 years. However, it involves thousands of pages of updating, and our priority is on ensuring that the vast array of our content remains available, even while we've not yet quite finished the new styling. Rest assured that what you're seeing at present isn't the final new appearance, and look forward to updates to the visual appearance as we move forward.

Welcome to Monachos.net, a web site dedicated to the study of Orthodox Christianity through its patristic, monastic and liturgical heritage. This introduction describes the site's nature and focus, with a brief overview of its main content areas.


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saturday-of-the-deadThe day before the Sunday of the Last Judgement marks a commemoration of all those who have departed this life and Gone to their rest. This is the first...
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diognetus-epistleChapter 1: Occasion of the epistleSince I see thee, most excellent Diognetus, exceedingly desirous to learn the mode of worshipping God prevalent among...
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cabasilas-collection-linkThe works of St Nicholas Cabasilas are currently hosted off-site, and can be viewed here: Nicholas Cabasilas: Information, Life and Works
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gregory-great-king-ethelbert-linkThis text, which is an important document in the history of the Church in the British isles, is currently hosted off-site, and can be viewed here: Pope...
Added on 13/08/2008, 16:14
onophrius-lifeTranslated by Sir E.A. Wallis Budge, from a Coptic source dated c. AD 1000. "The life and conversation of our holy father, who was glorious in every way,...