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Doctrine and Theology

This topic area is for discussions on Orthodox doctrine, theology and dogmatic issues. Please note that if you wish to discuss the thought of a specific father or text, you should use the In Depth area rather than this one.


Creation, the Cosmos and Human Nature

The nature of the cosmos and its creation, the formation of the human person and its relation to the cosmos and God.

  • 151 topics
  • 5,484 replies
Human nature - last post by Lakis Papas

Sin, Evil, the Devil and Repentance

Discussions on sin and the nature of sin, 'original sin', the nature of evil, the devil and the demons, and matters of repentance.

  • 96 topics
  • 2,421 replies
Sex before marriage as a gr... - last post by Herman Blaydoe

The Nature of God

God as Trinity, God's relation to creation, and all discussion on the divine being.

  • 118 topics
  • 2,514 replies
Begottenness v. Procession - last post by Lakis Papas

Christology Discussion Area

The personhood of Christ, divine and human natures, Christ's sufferings, the incarnation and other Christological discussions.

  • 110 topics
  • 2,696 replies
Christ’s death on the Cross - last post by Matthew Panchisin

Economy, History and Salvation

The course of history and the unfolding of salvation; discussions on the nature of salvation.

  • 109 topics
  • 2,382 replies
Reason for the Ascension - last post by Angie

Eschaton and the Afterlife

The end of time and the life after death, prayers for the dead, future judgement, the heavenly kingdom, and other related matters.

  • 103 topics
  • 2,433 replies
The Mark of the Beast - last post by Lakis Papas

Sacraments and Mysteries

Baptism, the Eucharist and the sacramental life of the Church.

  • 115 topics
  • 2,853 replies
Reception into the Old Cove... - last post by Algernon

Tradition, Scripture, Intellect and Experience

The tradition of the Church and her scriptures; the relationship of mind and reasoning to faith and experience, and related discussions.

  • 202 topics
  • 5,447 replies
living for life after death. - last post by Leah

Mother of God and the Saints

All discussions about the personhood of the Mother of God, of the saints, and of issues of the veneration of the same.

  • 109 topics
  • 1,485 replies
John forerunner was aware o... - last post by Lakis Papas

Other Doctrinal Topics

For all doctrinal and theological discussions that do not fit into one of the above categories.

  • 140 topics
  • 2,290 replies
Question about Divorce - last post by Rdr Andreas