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Fast on the eve of Theophany

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#1 Phoebe K.

Phoebe K.

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Posted 26 December 2013 - 11:41 PM

Hi all,


This is a question which has come to me in the last few days, for those of us on the New calendar the eve of Theophony (5th of Jan) falls on a Sunday this year.  


What has confused me as that although this is a strict fast by most rules, the Festival Mennon I have says that on Sundays it is an oil and wine permitted fast.  The other Mennon I have says it is a strict fast on any day, and different calendars say different things, even in the same Patriacate.  


I am confused, I will ask my Priest but I wanted to know from those with more experience of the faith what the consensuses of tradition is on what to do.


Phoebe  :unsure:


#2 Lakis Papas

Lakis Papas

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Posted 27 December 2013 - 09:51 AM

Fasting days
1. The Great Lent :
It begins on Clean Monday and ends on Sunday of the Resurrection. It is the most rigorous fasting all time (we consume oil only on Saturday and Sunday) . 
During Lent we make ​​the following exceptions:
  • On 25th of March we eat fish
  • on the day of 40 Martyrs we eat oil. 
  • Also on Palm day we eat fish.
2. Fasting Christmas :
Starts from November 15th and ends on December 24th. In this fast we eat fish (all days except Wednesdays and Fridays) from the beginning and until 17th of December (if not a Wednesday or Friday). We also eat fish at 21 of November regardless of the day of the week.
From the 18th until the 24th of December, the eve of the feast, we eat wine and oil except on days of Wednesdays and Fridays. Also, we follow strict fast on the first day of fasting, that is on November 15th, and on 24th of December, unless they fall on Saturday or Sunday.
3 Fast of the Virgin :
From 1 August to 14 August we follow strict fast. We consume wine and oil  only on Saturdays and Sundays. We eat fish  only the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Saviour (August 6).  If the 15th of August is on Wednesday or Friday, we only eat fish and not meat.
3 Fasting of the Apostles :
Starting on Monday after the Sunday of All Saints until June 28. We eat fish, while abstaining from meat, dairy products and eggs . If we want we can eat fish eat all days, except off Wednesday and Friday. We also follow strict fast on the eve of the feast, unless it is Saturday or Sunday. We also eat fish on 24th of June 24, regardless of the day of week.  If the feast of 29th of June falls on Wednesday or Friday, we eat fish.
4 In the following days we follow strict fasting:
1. January 5. Eve of Epiphany.
2. August 29. Beheading of head of St. John the Baptist.
3. September 14. Exaltation of the Holy Cross (The Triumph of the Cross)
4. December 24. Christmas Eve.
Note that if one of these four days, falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then we are allowed to eat oil and drink wine.
There is only one Saturday that we fast and do not eat oil, that is on Holy Saturday.
We Fast on NO Sunday, because every Sunday is a joyful feast: the feast of the Resurrection of Christ .

#3 Nicolaj


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Posted 29 December 2013 - 05:31 PM

being a sinner in the tradition of the russian orthodox church, it is our tradition to fast this year on this day with oil.


Please throw away all your calenders, as they only thing they are good in, is to confuse you


Keep one and stay to it, and there will be no more to worry about


Nicolaj the Sinner

#4 Phoebe K.

Phoebe K.

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Posted 29 December 2013 - 07:35 PM



I asked my Priest today, in the time we have for catichisam questions.  He refered to the calendar compiled by the Fellowship of St John the Baptist under the gidence of Metropolitan Killos Ware.  His instruction was although it is normally a strict fast on the eve of theophony as it falls on a Sunday this year the fast is lessened to wine and oil permitted.


As my Priest has instructed on the matter I will obey him on the matter.



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