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Standard Translation of the Tone 1 Dogmatikon from the Slavonic?

variant translations of the 1

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#1 Nathaniel Woon

Nathaniel Woon

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Posted 29 March 2014 - 08:49 AM

Dear brethren,
I was listening to Tone Tutor and looking at the translation of the Tone 1 Dogmatikon as given in Fr Jon Whiteford's weekly materials and noticed that Tone Tutor seems to have an extra line. 'Ornament of the faithful' that is missing from what is in Fr John Whiteford passed me. I don't know for sure but I believe he uses materials published by SJKP. Fr John, I am hope you're on this forum!
Let us hymn the Virgin Mary, /
the glory of the whole world, /
who sprang forth from men and gave birth unto the Master, /
the portal of heaven, and the subject of the hymnody of the incorporeal hosts; / 
['Ornament of the faithful' comes about here]
for she hath been shown to be heaven and the temple of the Godhead. /
Having destroyed the middle-wall of enmity, /
she hath brought forth peace and opened wide the kingdom. /
Therefore, having her as the confirmation of our faith, /
we have as champion the Lord born of her.  /
Wherefore be of good courage!  /
Yea, be ye of good cheer, O people of God, //
for He vanquisheth the foe, in that He is almighty!online 
I looked at various sites and notice that most of them have this 'missing' phrase - 
Ornament of the faithful is there
But one other does not.
Can anyone help me understand the reason why there are variant ROCOR translations of the Tone 1 Dogmatikon? Is there an authoritative translation of the Tone 1 Dogmatikon?

#2 Father David Moser

Father David Moser


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Posted 11 April 2014 - 08:55 PM

If I am not mistaken, Tone Tutor is a fairly old program and so uses the translations that were available at the time.  Things have changed and improved over the years.  Even within SJKOP materials, there can be different translations of the same thing.  One explanation is that the translator (in this case Br. Isaac Lambertson) is translating piecemeal and so sometimes the same hymn which recurs in various services is translated anew each time thus introducing a certain amount of variation. 


There is actually no single "authoritative translation" of anything in English due to 1. the jurisdictional variety and 2. the lack of any ecclesiastical censor in any of the English speaking Churches.  There are only a few people writing in English (either new stuff or translations) who have sought any kind of ecclesiastical blessing for their publications.


Fr David Moser

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