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Monachos posts appear in Google and other search engines

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#1 Father David Moser

Father David Moser


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Posted 30 January 2015 - 02:49 PM

Dear members of Monachos,

Although we have tried in the past to remind everyone that this is not a private forum and that anything posted on Monachos is viewable by the public, still we get desperate requests to remove posts or to somehow make them invisible to the search engines.




Please always be mindful that whatever is posted here is visible to the whole world through Google and other search engines.  The archives (old posts) are also visible.  Think before you post - is this something that you will not regret?  Are you posting personal information in the guise of a "prayer request" or simply as a "personal example"? Are you behaving in a way that your family, friends and/or future employers might find distressing?  Be mindful of what you post here (or really in any internet venue - this is not unique to monachos) because it will be with you always.  Even if a post were to be deleted from monachos (which is not done btw) it would still be available through the internet archive sites such as the "way back machine".


So let me repeat - This is not a private venue and once you hit the "send" button, whatever you have written becomes visible to the whole world.  Be mindful of what you say and do - the world is watching.


Fr David Moser

#2 Rdr Andreas

Rdr Andreas

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Posted 30 January 2015 - 04:00 PM

A timely reminder from Fr David. I have mentioned this several times over the years. Some views on some topics (you'll guess what I mean) could result in your being spoken to by your employer's Equality and Diversity Officer or equivalent. We live in times where in some places, quoting from the Bible can get you arrested, and saying to a colleague that you'll pray for them can cost you your job.

#3 Olga



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Posted 03 February 2015 - 02:33 AM

Seraphim, may I direct you to the following from the Community Handbook:


Public discussions in a public forum - posts and names visible on the internet.

You should keep in mind when registering that on-line discussion fora are intrinsically public. When you participate in public discussions, your comments become part of that public dialogue and are viewable by a wide audience -- on the internet, this includes search engines (e.g. Google), archives, links, quotations, etc.


While messages sent to individual members through the Private Messaging system are just that (i.e. private), all members are encouraged to remember that posts in the public forum are read by a very large audience, and will be read into the future by new members, etc. Given that individual posts become integral parts of larger discussions and threads, it is not possible to delete posts except in truly exceptional circumstances. You must also be aware that if you decide to retire your account in the future (i.e. to leave the forum), your posts will remain in the forum as part of the public discussion, and will remain searchable with your name.


It is helpful to think of posting to the forum along similar lines as publishing an article or text in a magazine or book: once it has been published, its content and your name attached to it remain in public readership and accessibility into the future.) You must not register or post to this forum unless you understand and explicitly accept that your posts, with your name, will be publicly accessible on the internet in this way, in perpetuity.


It is this matter that Fr David was commenting on in his opening post. Please take the time to read and understand the above.


On the matter of deletion of posts which the moderators have deemed to be outside the scope of the forum, this is done in accordance with the forum guidelines. Here is the relevant section from the Community Handbook:

(XXVI) If posts made to the forum are found to be inappropriate or in violation of our terms of use, the moderators may delete them with or without notification.
I trust that the forum's policies in these regards have now been made clear to you.

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