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Oriental councils

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#21 Mina Soliman

Mina Soliman

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Posted 03 April 2014 - 07:52 PM

I don't disagree with the quote. I fully agree to the fact that he voluntarily underwent the passions, but it had do be done through a body capable of undergoing those passions. A body that is "incorruptible by nature" is a body incapable of undergoing any passion. That is the point that Severus was trying to make in refuting Julianism.

#22 Antonios


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Posted 04 April 2014 - 07:22 PM

You are correct Mina, otherwise we a proposing aphthartodocetism, which is the extreme end of Monophysitism of which Julian was rightly charged. My previous posts may seem to be slipping into those waters, so I want to be sure I correct it.

Christ voluntarily assumed the passibility of human nature as subjected after the fallen state, but only with the blameless (innocent) passions, and not the sinful passions.

Our fallen nature is not just the blameless passions. It is too our sinful passions such as our propensity to commit willful acts of sin (for example lying, cheating, etc). Christ did not assume the sinful nature (He did not have any sinful passions). This alone proves Christ did not assumes a post-fallen human nature.

Rather, He voluntarily assumed only the blameless passions which was subject to the human condition since the fall (that is those sins which are not willful, such as hunger, thirst, etc). In total freedom He subjected Himself to the blameless passions, which included suffering and death for our salvation.

Christ truly experienced our weakness and infirmities in the real body and soul He assumed. But unlike us He activated in Him the innocent passions through His all-powerful divine will, with the synergy of His deifying human will.

In summary, Christ did to have a human nature that is post-fall which includes the willful, sinful passions, but rather voluntarily assumed the innocent passions which were manifest after the fall.

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