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Unofficial unsolicitated Monachos fundraising effort 2010

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Posted 07 June 2010 - 03:07 AM

Hi everyone. Our generous webmaster and owner will never authorize me doing this, but I believe in Monachos.net and spend countless hours here. I know you do as well as I see your names in the "who's on line".

It's that time of year again to give back to that something that gives us so much. I am not talking about a lot of money, but I am talking about a financial gift to keep the resources we have come to rely on from not going away. Here is a tickler from Fr. Irenaus when he was not yet himself. Or rather who he was yet to be.

And here is my response with the help of a couple of math wizards.

[QUOTE][quote Fr Dcn Matthew]For those interested in statistics [quote Fr Dcn Matthew]

That's an open invitation Mike...

Thank you Fr. Dcn for showing us the costs. As you know I work for a nonprofit organization so our overhead is 100% paid for by volunteers. It is my experience when people KNOW of a need, they are more willing to donate to the cause that tickles their fancy.

From our members list, and this is where I need Mike's help we currently have 1719 registerd members on Monachos. I realize the large majority of these wonderful people are inactive so if we just took 10% of them, let's say 170 to round off that is $8.76 per person per year to offset the current cost of running the site.

Currently through God's grace as you mention, you or a kind benefactor donates 65.1% of the cost of use shortage. If each person (170) donated $10.00 per year and an additional $1.00 per year continually Monachos would be more than fully paid for in perpetuity. I know from experience people donate what they feel their "perceived value" is. So some will of course feel comfortable paying the full $50, some $25 and some could just send in nominal assistance. It ALL adds up, and quickly I might say.

If the total annual current income is $520, even at the lower level of donation of $25, only 21 people are currently contributing. This is 1.2% of the total membership or 12.3% of my made-up 10% active members. How am I doing so far Mike?

I understand your position...

[quote Fr. Dcn Matthew] I haste to note that I provide this simply for information. I remain, as ever, very committed to the idea that Monachos.net should not be a paid service: it is provided as an offering. We're very grateful for those who are willing and able to make small contributions in support -- especially as the site has grown so immense over the past years and the costs escalated -- but I would never wish any reader or member to feel that there was any requirement for this.[quote Fr. Dcn Matthew]

I get tremendous "perceived value" from Monachos so I have no qualms soliciting other members to offer financial support on behalf of Monachos. We have all heard that 20% of the people do 80% of the work. In this case it is only 12.3% of the people. I am still trying to figure out how this is equatible in my own life. I know in this day and age of ever escalating gas/food/toilet paper prices we all have to watch our pennies. I would like to ask, and do not raise your hand, how much do you, the reader, spend monthly on cable tv or watching not necessarily appropriate movies or going out to eat just because you can or you just gotta have that one more book?

Matthew, here is a possible suggestion for your IT people...

1) In addition to the current $25 and $50 choices, have a wildcard dollar amount as well. This way if someone feels compelled to donate, considering all the soul profiting resources freely provided on Monachos (subliminal message), they might donate even $5.00 annually or perhaps $1.00 monthly to the site. 170 active people times $5 = $850. This plus the current donors gets us to within $100 of our annual goal. 170 active people times $1 per month = $2040. This would allow for expansion of not only the albums but a slew of additional features I am sure you have waiting in the wings. Read this again...$1.00 per month per person will more than support the current needs of this site. Let me put this into easier terms...4 ounces of a Starbucks coffee once a month will pay for a full year of Monachos. Or for you noncoffee drinkers; 1/2 of a 20 ounce cola once a month will also do the trick.

2) Perhaps another feature when the annual renewals come due, along with your thank you note for the past years' donation also show how much they donated just so they have a bench mark to donate for the upcoming year.

I want everyone to know, I believe in Monachos. I have no regrets writing this in the public domain rather than a private PM to Matthew. We need to support this soul profiting endeavor( not-so subliminal message). When the site went down a couple of weeks ago for 3 days, I truly felt something was taken from me. This Pearl of great price is valuable to me. People will give when there is a need. People give to people not necessarily to causes. Folks, how many visitors happen upon Monachos that are not Orthodox and get a seed planted? I think at one point Matthew said we get more than 1000 unique visitors to this site daily. Holy cow. I mean Holy Trinity.

I do many searches for Orthodox themed items and invariably Monachos.net is top in the search engines. This site makes a difference! How sad we can't raise $1500 per year from people all over the planet for its basic upkeep. ok, I have said my peace. You have heard it said; give until it hurts. Well I give you a new commandment; give until it feels good. That is the little "c" Christ in me coming out.

Pray about it! Then click HERE.
Your brother in Christ
Paul [/QUOTE]

Please note this letter was written 2 years ago and prices have gone up a bit. Just a bit! This is to be expected with the huge upgrades we have gone through the past 2 years and our global economy. Reading back over that note, I wish I could change it and add "Fr." before Matthew. Oops, my youth and ignorance showing.

Paul the forever fundraising fool

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