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Monachos.net Facebook integration - Notice and instructions

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Posted 13 January 2011 - 07:11 PM

Dear Discussion Community members,

As of today, the Monachos.net Discussion Community has begun operating an application that allows for seamless integration between the Discussion Community forum and Facebook, as a way to enable you to share the conversations that take place here with your friends on that service, and draw their attention and participation to discussions here in the forum. It is now possible to 'like' threads and areas of the forum with a single click in the Community, automatically registering such preferences on your Facebook wall; and you can also tick a box when drafting new threads or replies, to have notification of the same posted (with a nice Monachos.net logo) on your Facebook wall, to help draw attention amongst your Facebook friends to discussions taking place here in the forum.

How it works:

1) Connecting to your Facebook account:

At the top of Discussion Community pages, where you see your username and notifications, etc., you'll now also see a blue 'Facebook Connect' button:

Attached File  facebook_connect_button.png   28.58K   116 downloads
If you are a Facebook user, click this button and follow the simple instructions to link your Monachos.net account and Facebook account (no changes are made to either account's settings; they are simply linked together). The blue button will change once the accounts are linked, to a small logo containing your Facebook profile image:

Attached File  facebook_connected_icon.png   16.51K   116 downloads
That's it: you're now linked to Facebook seamlessly within the Monachos.net Discussion Community.

2) 'Liking' a thread or area:

Within the forum, at the top of threads you will see a Facebook 'like' button:

Attached File  facebook_like_button.png   32.76K   116 downloads
Click this button, and immediately your 'liking' of the thread will be registered both on the Monachos.net forum page, as well as on Facebook. Your friends will immediately be notified of your 'like' on your and their walls; and the next time you log into Facebook, you'll see this notice in your own wall:

Attached File  facebook_likes_on_wall.png   40.05K   117 downloads

3) Notices on Facebook when you post a new thread or reply:

You may like to notify your Facebook friends when you start a new thread in the forum, or contribute a reply to a thread that you think may be of interest to them. This can now be done very simply, as a way of drawing your Facebook friends into the forum discussions.

Whenever you are drafting a new thread or reply, you will now see a small 'Publish to Facebook' tick-box at the bottom of the editor window, near the 'Submit/Preview' buttons:

Attached File  facebook_publish_tickbox.jpg   21.57K   116 downloads

Simply tick this box before you click the 'Submit' button on your new thread or reply, and notification and a snippet of your post, together with an icon and active links, will automatically be posted on your Facebook wall for all your friends to see:

Attached File  facebook_post_in_wall.png   60.21K   117 downloads

Note: the first time you use this 'Publish to Facebook' feature, a small pop-up window from Facebook may appear, asking you to confirm that link between your accounts.

We hope you will enjoy these new features, and that they will prove a useful means of sharing the wealth of our active discussions with the large community of Facebook members, drawing them into our Discussion Community conversations.

A note on security and privacy

Without wishing to get too far into technical matters here, all members will be aware that Monachos.net has always taken privacy and security seriously.

The Facebook integration system here has been developed with security and privacy in mind. It is a secure system that puts none of a member's personal information from Monachos.net at any risk. Whether or not one has issues over Facebook's own data collection / sharing / distribution practices is another matter, suitable to your own account with them; but it has no bearing on our integration system. As ever, if you do not like Facebook, you are more than welcome not to use it!

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