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The Chinese Orthodox Church-how is it doing

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#1 Tony Jiang

Tony Jiang

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Posted 06 September 2012 - 11:26 PM

So is the EO still active in China, as there are some wonderful cathdrals built by the church in the old country, because the Chinese governement seems to allow protestantism (well a bizzare non-denonomential form of it anyways) and and Catholism (well a Catholic Church they invented,and declared heretics by Benedictus), so why not Orthodoxy, as well the Orthodox Church would not be so subject to so-called outside influence all Chinese governement which they fear since the dawn of the first empire over 4000 years ago, as the protestant churches can often be subjected to “subversion” by american evangicals, and the RC, well its subject to the Bishop of Rome isnt it... so why isnt the Chinese governement more supportive of orthodoxy...

#2 Kusanagi


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Posted 07 September 2012 - 07:34 PM

Its slowly getting there. The Cathedral in Shanghai of St Nicholas which was restored for worship in time for the Cultural event in 2010 is now being used regularly. Fr Dionisy based in HK is working with others in Romania and US on the Chinese translation project which you can find information on here: www.orthodox.cn.
They now have a Church in Beijing within the Russian Embassy built in 2010 or so which has a permanent priest there. There has been many cultural exchanges made with Chinese people visiting Trinity St Sergius Lavra.
I dont think you will find an answer as to why China is not more supportive of Orthodoxy. I also think that the Russian Club in China is still raising funds and hopes that one day they can dig the golf course where the Alapaevsk martyrs are buried.

#3 Ryan


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Posted 10 September 2012 - 08:03 PM

The Chinese Orthodox Church, as an autonomous church under the Moscow Patriarchate, does not really exist except on paper as far as I can tell. Most or all of the Chinese Orthodox today are served by clergy of the Ecumenical Patriarchate or other jurisdictions.

I think the main reason that the Chinese government will not recognize Orthodoxy, beyond bureaucratic inertia, is the worry that the Chinese Orthodox Church could be a tool of Russian influence. The officially recognized RC church in China is in fact not subject to the Bishop of Rome. Likewise the officially recognized Protestant church is a state church with a certain commitment to social goals of the CCP. Like the Orthodox, both Protestants and RC's in China have house churches because of this.

Perhaps if the Church of Russia officially relinquished her claim to China and let the EP have it, that might solve this problem... I don't think anyone would claim that the EP is an agent of the Turkish government. But of course that would raise issues elsewhere at a time where the global role of the EP is heavily disputed. But as it is, most of the Chinese Orthodox are de facto under the jurisdiction of the EP and the Russian Church does not seem to be making any serious moves to reconstitute the Chinese Autonomous Orthodox Church.

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