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Orthodox Exorcism - Are these real?

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Posted 11 November 2012 - 03:38 AM

Good Afternoon/Morning All,

I have come across these Greek Orthodox Exorcism videos on Youtube and I am wondering if they are real. The Priest performing both of these are Pater Savas Axilleos.


This ones an audio clip - At 0.57secs you can hear the Priest, the demon talking and a lady crying begging Christ and Panagia for help possibility is this the girls mother ?.
The Priest continues with the Prayers of Exorcism as you can hear, at 6:48 The priest is praying Psalm 68 "Let God Arise, let his enemies be scattered..."

--Translation of the second link--
The demon who speaks through a Lady at the first 2 mins is offering the Priest to worship the demon and it will bring them anything they want, and it starts getting frustrated that the priest is ignoring its offer. Nearing the end of the audio clip around 6:45min mark the demon starts talking against Mary the Panagia how he wants to see her fall and to bring destruction to her, the demon then starts saying how it wanted to destroy her when she was young girl but he could not approach her cause she had within her the Lord she was unapproachable because of him, the demon reemphasizes how it wishes it could of approached her to destroy her but she had the "Little one within her". You can hear the priests prayers and when the demon becomes aggressive with its tone blaspheming against Mary, you can hear another lady possibly the girls mother crying in the background when hearing all this.

I don't know if both of them are real exorcisms or made up can you help me confirm?.


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