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Western Office for Orthodox as a more extensive prayer rule?

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 05:51 AM

Might I suggest taking a look at the following site?



I frequent this site now and then when its easier to read on the ipad as opposed to a book (bad lighting typically) or when I want access to a troparion or kontakion instantly...

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Posted 21 May 2013 - 06:14 AM

Christ is risen!

Sorry for the delayed reply, but I have been traveling and don't have frequent access to the Internet.

To faithfully recite the morning and evening prayers as set forth in the Jordanville Prayer Book is a standard that, modest as it may seem, is difficult to maintain with consistency for most, especially when combined with consistent attendance at all the scheduled services of one's member parish and the requirements of daily life.

The "cell rule" (i.e., reading the Psalter and Canticles, in whole or in part) can easily be incorporated into the above, as we have already discussed.

For scetes and small monasteries that don't have the books or resources to perform the full cycle of daily services, there is the Rite of the Twelve Psalms, and that would be the better option for those who want a fuller prayer life, rather than inventing an idiosyncratic cycle of one's own. Just bear in mind that the Rite of the Twelve Psalms is *in addition to* - not a substitute for - one's usual morning and evening prayers.

The short of it is that both Eastern and Western Rites have traditional systems for recitation of the Psalter. In fact, the Eastern Church has two - one that is part of the public Divine Office and one for private individuals (the Cell Rule), but only the Western Rite has any provision or tradition of private recitation of the Divine Office. In the East, recitation of the full cycle of daily services is perceived as a corporate affair.


Indeed he is risen!


I think the cell rule you mentioned is the most practical method to accomplishing a goal of 1 Psalter per week. I dont think its unreasonable but as you have said, sometimes just keeping the morning and evening prayers can be daunting even when you have much time and it shouldn't be.  I admit I go back and forth between The Boston Greek prayer book and the Jordanville. Sometimes I want to say Compline, (its the psalm readings and the Doxology) sometimes I want to read the prayers before sleep. The morning prayers in the Greek PB take about half the time as the Jordanville  morning prayers, but I prefer the Jordanville hands down on that one. Just most of the time I want to get up and moving. So I should get up earlier, I know... Ive been nocturnal since I was 12 I think. 


Thank you for the sage advice. Trick is to just do it rather than talk about it. 


Have a good one!


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